Sep 1, 2007

Being Gopher and Being President

Some people have wondered aloud how being Gopher on Love Boat prepared Fred Thompson for his most important role: being president of the United States.

For one thing, Gopher was a problem solver. If someone wanted to avoid their ex-wife, pretend to a nun when they are actually a prostitute, or know how to kiss a girl for the first time as in the episode with Scott Baio, Gopher was always there to help.

In the same way, he was a public servant. At the beginning of every single episode, he could be seen carrying the passengers bags aboard the ship.

He was also able to deal effectively with people of all races, from the black bartender Isaac, to Asian passenger Pat Morita, to illegal immigrant Charo. In all cases, he was able to interact with them with grace and good humor while maintaining his superiority as a white man.

Needless to say, after serving so much time in uniform on a ship, Fred Thompson will be an excellent commander in chief.


Anonymous said...

and he has a very very attractive daughter!

Anonymous said...

Um Fred Thompson was not Gopher.

Anonymous said...

Might not be, but DAMN! The hooters on his daughter!

Radical Leftie said...

It was Fred GRANDY, who played Gopher and later became a Congressdog...not Fred THOMPSON, who later became a Senatedog.

If this was intended as satire or humor or something, it missed the mark. It only looks inaccurate.

And while she may be young enough to be his daughter (he's 65, she's 40), she is indeed his wife. Ewwwwww.

Professor Smartass said...


She is hot, but I think that's his great grand daughter.

Michael G said...

Why do people harp on nit picky details like whether this is the same exact guy? They are both named Fred. They were both in the congress in one way or another. That's closer than the press got it on most news stories of the past several years.